Understanding non-profits, particularly those dedicated to research in science & medicine

Transforming the ideas and vision of our clients into reality while balancing the budget and increasing surpluses to ensure the future.

Since beginning this journey working exclusively with non-profit scientific and medical societies, I have had the honor and  privilege to assist three scientific and four medical societies make huge advances towards fulfilling their missions. I’ve seen first hand how a group of dedicated professionals working together to achieve seemingly impossible goals can move a scientific and/or medical discipline forward, due to the synergy of their ideas, their contribution of time and energy and the pooling of their expertise and resources.

It is refreshing to work in such an environment of transparency which has and always will be an important aspect of non-profit society management. Officers of the society, board members, committee members, speakers at the annual conferences and industry partners contributing their time and resources because they know more can be accomplished together then by one person, lab or institution. They draw intangible benefits in working with others from diverse backgrounds who all share an interest in the mission of the society. The most rewarding part of working with these societies for so long has been watching the young investigators take over leadership in the societies as they have been mentored by the pioneers in their respective fields. That will always be my favorite part of the job!