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Online Association Management / Conference Management Systems

We are currently using three (3) different association management systems depending on the unique needs of our clients.

Our favorite is for societies that are able to fully integrate all their membership, meeting registration, abstract submission, awards applications, abstract and award review and online programming into one online database. Current clients that are fully integrated are and Please feel free to visit those websites and click on the Member Login buttons, test it out (I do that ALL the time to evaluate other online systems).

The strength of X-CD is on the conference management side, and because International Cytokine & Interferon Society has a long standing contract with an outside meeting planning company, we are using for our association management system. This system’s strengths are on the membership management side, although it includes an excellent event registration system which we are not able to utilize, it currently does not offer abstract management or programming. We are able to set up Awards Applications and Nomination Forms but there is no built in review system. Please visit the Login button on The cost for this system is $99 a month, no extra transaction fees, plus a $1500 one-time set up/data migration fee.

Then, for small associations with a very limited budget, we have been using for the Cell Stress Society International. The cost is just $49 per month (no extra transaction fees & no set up fees) and the system works hard, also includes a surprisingly powerful, integrated event registration for multiple events. Again, the online abstracts are not included so we’ve setup a simple online database for abstract submissions using a free WordPress plugin (Participants Database), which has been working for them, see (