Joan Oefner

As is often the case in this field, I stumbled into Association & Event Management by chance, after spending 10 years in the hotel business. As Group Sales Manager and then Director of Conference Services at Beaver Run Resort & Conference Center, in Breckenridge, Colorado, I had the opportunity to plan and supervise the planning of multiple conferences each week until accepting an offer from the association management company managing the International Society for the Advancement of Cytometry to leave the hotel business and to come work for them in their San Francisco office. I loved working with the scientists and have done so every since!

Having started in this business before the internet, during a time when abstract submissions had to be typed into a box on an official form and mailed to the society office with 15 copies for the abstract reviewers, I’ve welcomed each new technological advancement. Managing and organizing all these details has been transformed by online technologies such as association management and event management technology incorporated into highly functional websites. Thanks to WordPress, I can set up the websites myself, and keep them updated in real-time, creating a virtual office which connects everything together for the members and meeting participants from all over the world.

A Virtual Office business model is the most efficient and responsive way to develop international teams of talented professionals to support the missions and goals of international non-profit scientific and medical societies. Please click here for full CV.