Association Management

As the founder and main worker bee at Rhema Association Management, I have always had to push the boundaries of information technology to do more with less. Having started in the business during a time when abstract submissions had to be typed into a box on an official form and mailed to the society office with 15 copies for the abstract reviewers, I’ve welcomed each new technology advancement. Do I miss sorting through abstracts, copying and stapling thousands of pages together, being on a first name basis with the Fed Ex guy and licking envelopes? Back in the early 90’s it took a team of four full time worker bees to manage all the details of a handful of growing international societies, their annual meetings, journal subscriptions, membership applications and dues renewals. With today’s advances in information technology all that and more can be efficiently & effectively handled through a well featured Virtual Office and someone who knows how to choose and use the best technology for the job at hand.

I have experience working with the following Association Management Systems but I’m always open to other systems based on the needs of the society: