Online Association Management & Content Management System

WebdesignWe specialize in providing non-profit scientific and medical societies professional management that is enhanced by a website content management system working together with an online association management system.

Integrating an online association management system (AMS) with a WordPress responsive website (CMS), or other CMS, to enable web-based communications, membership, meeting registration, abstract management, program planner, e-posters, access to meeting presentations & audio/video and the society’s finances (online payments, invoicing, accounts payables & receivables).

Society Office Technology to Match the Level of Innovation of Scientific & Medical Societies

A non-profit professional society’s most valuable assets are their membership data and the important, innovative content generated by their scientific meetings and journals. One integrated database for online abstract management, e-posters, online program planner, mobile app, online membership and registration is now available through innovative software developers with 15-20 years experience in the association market. Without having in-house IT, a society’s website can feature a single sign-on to access membership details, meeting registrations, scientific abstracts and presentations as well as member only benefits such as online journal subscriptions and member only educational content.

Not surprisingly, costs for a customized, integrated online system is less then the costs of these items purchased piecemeal by various technology providers.

The greatest savings come from having much better data. If a scientific or medical society is not integrating its scientific content with its membership & registration data, and is not capturing important details about the members, meeting participants and presentations, they are making strategic decisions based on sub-optimal information. This can be costly as well as limiting the growth & success of the society.

Other savings are realized through a more efficient administration with full integration of data and payments throughout all the society’s activities, minimizing the workflow. Members and meeting participants will also save time when their abstract submission or speaker presentation is connected to their membership profile, they will not need quite so many reminders to renew their dues or register for the meeting. Sponsors and Exhibitors are also much more likely to support the society when they realize an increase in ROI and can accurately attribute increased sales activity as a result of their participation.


Medical societies have been leading the way towards replacing paper poster sessions with e-Posters. What is more effective, a paper poster which must be printed on oversize paper, rolled up, carried on the airplane, pinned up on a rented poster board, along with hundreds of other boards taking up valuable exhibit space and thrown in the waste paper basket?

Or a visually enhanced e-poster system for submission, evaluation, quality checks, accessibility from any device with a web browser encouraging evaluation and sharing of scientific content during and after the congress? All the presentations can be loaded onto each e-poster screen and easily coordinated into poster sessions. A DOI (Digital Object Identifier) can be registered for each abstract for citing and referencing. e-Posters are accessible during and after the meeting through the society’s website, promoting dissemination of knowledge as well as easy interaction with the authors, and the option to allow scientific discussion and sharing.

The wasteful, environmentally unfriendly poster board rental and poster hall expense items as well as printing & shipping of final program syllabi can be replaced with enduring education materials; a permanent, interactive, online display of posters and presentations, extending life cycle of the annual meeting in support of the society’s mission. With the added benefit of decreased environmental damages left by your conference! 

There is one thing that hasn’t changed though…everyone still waits for the abstract deadline to submit their abstract!!!


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