Why medical & scientific societies?

Each non-profit scientific or medical society is unique, however most share the following characteristics:

  • Peer reviewed abstracts & poster presentations are a key feature of their meetings.
  • Meetings and access to the membership attract exhibit and sponsorship support from high tech industry partners, pharmaceutical companies and medical or research equipment manufacturers and suppliers.
  • Peer review journals are often a member benefit and dissemination of scientific information to the membership as well as the public, is a top priority.
  • Members are generally a mix of academia, government agencies like the the FDA and NCI as well as from industry.
  • There is usually an emphasis on young investigators (students, post-docs and fellows), with the society taking the lead in training, mentoring and providing opportunities for them to present their research.

We look forward to helping more scientists and physicians in the future because it is what we love to do. It has been especially rewarding to see the young investigators from the 90’s taking on the current leadership roles for their professional societies.