Experience Managing a Virtual Society Office

CAE designation obtained in November 1998.
CAE designation obtained in November 1998.

When my husband was recruited to head the new Institute for Functional Genomics at the University of Regensburg beginning in June, 2005, I moved the Society for Molecular Imaging to Germany and managed the society with both a Texas and German address as the Society’s membership and Annual Meeting attendance grew from 850 to 1,250 molecular imaging enthusiasts. Since the Society had members all over the world, the “move” was seamless. One day I was sitting in my office in the Bay Area on an international conference call with the Executive Committee,and a few days later I was managing the Society from my new office in the BioPark in Regensburg as if nothing had changed.

Since the SMI began having joint meetings in 2007, I resigned to focus more on my family, learning German and integrating my website development and online association management skills. Since then, I have worked with most of my former clients as well as other scientific and medical societies to assist with European meeting planning, international relations, interest group facilitation, journal editorial services, online communications and website design.

After spending over two decades managing a minimum of three growing, non-profit medical or scientific societies simultaneously, I’m eager to dedicate all of my energy and expertise to foster the mission of one medical or scientific Society, preferably a multi-disciplinary Society with a diverse board and membership.

The ever evolving mobile technologies and advanced integrated association management systems, online abstracts, e-posters, streaming and website content management systems have transformed association management exponentially over the past several years. My ability to stay ahead of the latest information technology advances combined with my intuitive, forward-thinking drive focused on values and vision, will be an asset to any medical or scientific society that is advancing a promising or potentially promising field.

Through my myriad of contacts made over the last 23 years in association management, I can put an experienced management team together in the US, Germany or Austria according to the needs of the Society. If a Society already has an office and team in place, my experience working remotely with team members has been very positive with the added benefit of giving the Society a more international appeal. Alternatively, if the Society is in its early stages, but represents a promising new field, I have all the skills necessary to build it up and can add agile infrastructure and expertise to support the growth of the Society on an as needed basis.