Cancer Metastasis Symposium

This is a very exciting time to be involved in cancer research! The 7th iteration of the Symposium brings together international experts in oncology, immunobiology, pharmacology, molecular biology and molecular imaging to discuss preclinical, translational and clinical advances in diagnosing, treating and preventing cancer metastasis as we enter the era of precision medicine. With advancements in cancer care and patient-centered treatment planning, cancer survivors today live longer and enjoy a vastly improved quality of life than thought imaginable. We hope you will participate in Cancer Metastasis through the Lymphovascular System: Biology & Treatment, 7th International Symposium, scheduled for April 20-22, 2017 in San Francisco, California.

The Organizing Committee is building a program that follows the journey of cancer metastasis from detection at the molecular level to genomic identification to precision treatment and survival. The theme of the Symposium is to track the single cell in our body, that has become a mutant cell, which proliferates with resultant mutants being selected to become the fittest clone to spread through the lymphovascular system using the sentinel lymph node as the primary gateway to distant sites to cause devastation to the body. It is a journey that we have to understand from a molecular level so that it can be stopped before the mutants go awry.

It is the goal of this biennial symposium to bring together basic scientists, oncologists, surgeons, and radiologists from around the world, resulting in a cross-fertilization of ideas that will enhance the translation of basic science into clinical application—and challenge basic scientists with clinical issues.

In addition to plenary sessions with distinguished guest faculty, time will be allotted for integrated oral abstract presentations and e-Poster sessions peer-selected from submitted abstracts by attendees, young investigators and trainees.

Select members of the Organizing Committee will chair Mini-Symposia on topics such as

Cancer Metastasis Models from Melanoma, Breast Cancer, Gynecological Cancer and Others
Molecular Targeting and Immunotherapy Based on Immune Checkpoint Inhibition
Molecular Imaging of Cancer Metastasis which will focus on the newest advances being made, future directions and translational challenges.

A separate ballroom has been reserved for the e-Posters, commercial exhibits and industry sponsored breakfast and lunch symposia on the most significant cancers or oncology topics related to late breaking results from clinical trials in cancer therapy.

We are confident that this 2 ½-day CME accredited activity in San Francisco will make a significant impact by updating the oncologists with the latest development in cancer therapy and bringing the clinical relevance of cancer metastasis to the basic scientists.

We look forward to seeing you in San Francisco!

Stanley P. L. Leong, MD, FACS
President, Sentinel Node Oncology Foundation
Chief of Cutaneous Oncology
Associate Director of the Melanoma Program
Center for Melanoma Research and Treatment
California Pacific Medical Center
Senior Scientist
California Pacific Medical Center Research Institute